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  1. Radicc

    Rename broken blocks

    i tried to make a skript with skulls and when you broke a skull it would rename it to the name it had before it was placed on place: id of event-block = 144 set {skull::%event-block%} to location of event-block set {skull::%event-block%::name} to name of event-block set...
  2. F

    Solved Renaming a stack according to its amount

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if it is possible to rename an item according to its amount. For example, when a player has a stack of diamonds, I want its name to be "64 Diamonds". And when the number is updated, (for example when player drops it) I want its name to be "63 Diamonds" automatically...
  3. Lutrex

    Solved Cancel rename specific item in an anvil

    How can I cancel renaming a specific item in an anvil?
  4. S

    Beacon Rename Skript

    How can i make when the player clicks with the sword on the beacon his sword will be renamed (some random names for example (gf, gg, Back to spawn ) and have cooldwown for 10 sec minecraft version 1.8
  5. T

    Anvil renaming does not work on virtual inventory

    Script Version: 2.6.3 Minecraft Version: 1.19 Code: open anvil inventory to player
  6. FistoF

    Rename mob's tool

    Is there a way to change the name of a naturally spawned mob's weapon? I'm needing this so I can use it along with OptiFine's item name-based texture feature. E: I'm going to try: set main hand tool of last spawned pillager to crossbow named "Rifle"
  7. SuperEpps22556

    Solved Name/Lore requirements

    I'm trying to code a skript where if someone right clicks a nether star named "&c&lParty Star" with the lore "&5&lRight-Click for a reward". I had this coded but not sure exactly where to go from there: on right click holding nether star: chance of 33%: execute console command...