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  1. S

    Enchantment Fix

    Hi my name is Shadow and I am currently experiencing an issue with the max minecraft enchantment level for sharpness and protection. The problem is that sharpness 25 will do the same damage as any sharpness above it and I want a skript to fix that and the same thing is for protection 25 and...
  2. sleepy unk

    Script SentiGuard Remastered 1.0-b

    Stop suspicious bots from entering your server by going on a verification! If you click the black glass which obviously contains "X_X" is going to kick you. Meanwhile, if you get the correct one. You'll stay in your active session in the server. Your session expires after 30 minutes. So you...
  3. S

    World Edit Protection

    Hey i am wondering how I would go about making this fairly simple script Firstly when a player places a gold block. a world edit region is placed in the area. Lets say this region is 10 by 10. if a region already exists in the area the player gets an error. And two simple commands to add and...
  4. Moderocky

    Addon Guardian 1.2.6

    Guardian is designed as a more lightweight alternative to plugins such as WorldGuard and Residence, with Skript support built into the plugin directly, a slightly more visual wand/creation system, and an extremely easy addon API that can be used through both Java and Skript. You can use this as...
  5. L

    Disable custom amor protection.

    options: gorronox : iron helmet named "<yellow>Gorro anti nox" pecheranox : iron chestplate named "<yellow>Pechera anti nox" pantalonnox : iron leggings named "<yellow>Pantalones anti nox" botasnox : iron boots named "<yellow>Botas anti nox" on damage: victim is wearing...
  6. Mirthfire

    Solved OwnBlocks - Players may not break blocks placed by others

    Suggested name: OwnBlocks What I want: A script that keeps track of placed blocks, and who placed them. Players are not allowed to break blocks placed by other players. Ideas for commands: /ownblocks info - Display who owns the target block /ownblocks add - Makes the target block protected...