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  1. DarkHacks

    Solved All Code Need To Be Put In Triggers

    I might very well be extremely stupid because i just can't seem to fix this issue. Though i do understand the errors around the spaces, that is an easy fix, the one i keep getting back on is: 'all code has to be put into triggers' Relatively new to skript so i am sorry if this is a dumb...
  2. F

    Solved how do i create variables

    actually im bad at skript just help command /ban %{_player}%: permission: ban permission message: &cYou are not allowed to use this plugin. trigger: set {_player} to player make player execute command "/tempban %{_player}% 1w Breaking rules" broadcast "&aStaff has been banned...
  3. J

    Display Name color

    Hello! I created a skript but I don't know why it doesn't work on chat: set {_pref} to uncolored chat prefix of player if {_pref} is "Member ": set {_ccol} to "&7" else: set {_ccol} to "&f" set chat format to "%display name of player% &8&l» %{_ccol}%%message%" Its supposed to make Minecraft...
  4. J

    [NO ERRORS] Please help

    This command doesn't do anything, not even when i type it in the chat manually. What can I do to fix it? OBS: there are 0 errors when i reload the skript, and I've tried a lot of stuff to fix this, i can't get anything to work btw, don't think about the fact that it's not in english. It's...
  5. DroppingYou

    Solved Staff Auth getting IPS?

    Hey so I need help making a staff authentication skript names easyauth. My code so far is this: #--------------- Staff Auth --------------# # NORMAL PIN AUTHENTICATION # on join: if player has permission "staffauth.staff": if {password.%player%} is...