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  1. FrostPVP™️

    Solved I need a /warn skript

    I need a /warn skript for my new server Please add: - /warn <player> <reason> - /warn message: send: "&aYou have successfully warned <player>" - /warn, /unwarn, /clearwarns, checkwarns permission - /unwarn <player> - /unwarn Message send: "&aYou have successfully unwarned...
  2. FlameikTV

    Solved Force players to use server's Texture Pack

    Hi, I'm looking for some solution for forcing player's to use server's texture pack. I have tried to Google something, but it was little outdated or it wasn't been working. I have tried this code, but it didn't work. on join: wait 1 second send resource pack from...
  3. FrostPVP™️

    Solved I need a /report skript

    I need a /report skript - if they only do /report send "&cPlease report a &6Player &cand type a &eReason" - Message if they didn't put in a player: send "&cYou need to choose a player!" - Message if they didn't put in a reason: send "&cYou need to have a reason!" - Message if they try to...
  4. N

    how to make commands for console only

    helo i am 6 year old boy from sveden i want know how make comand only console only player can do /kit elytra <player>i want console only do how do why no body answer my it has been so long pls