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  1. O

    can't be set to because the latter is not an object

    Hello, I'm trying to revive an old server with a hologram leaderboard system using MorkazSK and skript-holo but whenever I try and reload the Skript file, it brings this error: {_slevels::*} can't be set to 'sorted {gold::*} from highest to lowest with format "@{index}"' because the latter is...
  2. S

    Change fishing drops

    Hello, I am trying to change the fishing drops to only cod sadly I just can't succeed. I get no errors but I get the normal fish. Code: on fishing: if "%fishing state%" is "CAUGHT_FISH": cancel event set {_loc} to player's position drop 1 cod at {_loc} I am using...
  3. S

    Morkazsk bugged ?

    I'm trying this: command modocontrole: loop all players: if {mode.control.%loop-player%} is "false": make loop-player glow with color "WHITE" for player This is a part of my code, of course. But I'm getting this error: [Server thread/ERROR]...
  4. R

    Solved formatting with morkazsk | parsing uuid to player

    Hello good people of skunity, So I've been making a server for a while now and I got halted by a issue I came up with my killtop skript. # Kill Top Update, No lag my server! every 30 seconds: set {topkillers::*} to sorted {kills::*} from highest to lowest with format "&e%@index parsed as...