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  1. U

    is there a way to check the player's team in an if statement without any skript plugins?

    i'm making a capture the flag kind of minigame and i want to make it so that you can be killed if you arent on your teams side, i think i got everything else working but how do i check the player's team or is there an alternative?
  2. H

    Dragon Rider

    Category: Vehicle Suggested name: Dragon Rider Spigot/Skript Version: Spigot 1.8.8/Skript 2.2 Dev25 What I want: Hi!, im wanting to ride a ender dragon but i want to make the ender dragon pushed forward at player direction. like this: Ideas for commands: /dragon Ideas for permissions...
  3. TechyGaming

    Solved How to add a permission to a custom command

    Hi, On my server, I have been working on a custom command that broadcasts a message to all players saying that there is an event running. I have setup the command and from what i understand it should work but i want the command to only be usable by a player that either has the permission...
  4. LimeGlass

    Script MasterMind - A GUI game 1.3

    MasterMind v1.2 By LimeGlass The idea behind the game is for the player (the code-breaker) to guess a secret code which will be randomly generated every game. The code-breaker will makes a series of pattern guesses - after each guess you will get feedback depending if the colour is in the...