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  1. thatguypsycho

    Solved Hex Colors not showing up with LuckPerms prefix in chat.

    I have a custom chat filter using skript and I am trying to use my custom hex code colored prefixes from LuckPerms in the chat message before the users name. on chat: loop all players: if message contains "%loop-player%": play sound "entity_experience_orb_pickup" to...
  2. C

    Get Luckperms values

    I am trying to change a player's luckperms rank and geting the rank name, player's rank, and the weight of the rank. sharpsk is not working for me, please help here is my code command /grant <player> <text=default>: permission: nativeranks.grant permission message: &cYou do not have the...
  3. L

    Chat issue

    So, I'm using hex colors for LuckPerms, working for all things like TAB, but on chat with the skript it just turns into random colors on chat: cancel event send "%player's prefix% &7%player% &8&l» &f%message%"
  4. J

    Unban doesn't work, formatting broken. HELP!!!!

    Unban prints a usage message, kick is broken, ban is broken, spaces are annoying, HOW DO I FIX THIS!!!!!!!! command /ban [<offline player>] [<text>]: aliases: nitrogen:ban, nitrogen:b, b trigger: if executor does not have permission "punishments.ban": send "&cYou do...
  5. M

    Loop Player Prefix with Luckperms

    Hi all, First time on this forum, because I didn't get something to work. What I want is a tabname for every player on the server with a Luckperms Prefix. My code: on join: set {server_tps_5} to placeholder "server_tps_5" set {luckperms_groups} to placeholder "luckperms_groups"...
  6. M

    Can i select player group in skript ?

    Delete this pls i was wrong
  7. C

    Creating an array

    Hello. I have a server with the luckperms plugin and I want to create an array there with all the ranks, called {ranks}. I wanted to create a command to rank people really fast, with /rank [<player>] [<text>] (the text arg is the rank). My first attempt went well: command /rank [<player>]...
  8. S

    SKQuery & Permissions

    I am trying to make it so when you do /mkit (class) it clears your inventory, gives you the class permission, makes you execute the kit command, tells you the kit message and then promptly removes the message. In the middle of the skripting process before I added most of the effects I tried...
  9. N

    Solved /rank Command

    Category: Skript, Command, Rank, LuckPerms Suggested name: LuckPerms /rank Spigot/Skript Version: Latest What I want: A skript that creates the command /rank that runs the luckperm command /lp user <player> parent add <group> . Ideas for commands: /rank <player> <group> When I'd like it by...