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  1. Sovde

    Script Parse Location from Command Input 1.0

    Parse Location from Command Input. Provides functions to allow Minecraft-like coordinates in commands (^ and ~) To use, add text arguments to your command to capture the coordinates. Feed these arguments into the locationFromCommandInput function, along with an origin location (usually the...
  2. 5jgk

    "name" is not a location?

    So in my skript it is like buggin or smth cos it my skript is on break of stone: if player's inventory contains 1 cobblestone of mending called "&7Ston&8e Autocom&0pressors": if player's inventory contains 32 cobblestone: remove 32 cobblestone from player's inventory give player...
  3. F

    Make a Specified Custom Item execute an event ONLY if dropped on certain block

    I've been trying to get a specific custom item created via skript to create a broadcast, but ONLY if the specified block that i drop it on is dirt. Here's the code I have now, after trying many different options: on drop: set {item} to lime stained glass pane named "<grey>L1 Access" if...
  4. Drakem

    on click on exact location

    I cant make this work, please help on rightclick on a trapped chest: set {_location} to location of event-block message "&3%{_location}%" to console #debug if {_location} is location(-124.5, -33.5, 25.5, world "world", -90, -0) : message "&Hello" to player...
  5. O

    Solved Location edit

    Hi! i want to change the Up/down / Y axis of an location: on rightclick with beacon: create a safe explosion with power 2 at altitude 73 at clicked block I have tried multiple times, and got an error, does someone maybe know how to do it?
  6. Z

    Solved Can't remove location from list variable

    I've encountered a really weird problem, and I can't find the solution. I have 2 different tools that I use to add locations to list variable, and the other one would be used to remove location from list variable. BUT this one (if {br.mythic.chest.locations::*} contains {_loc}:) is not working...
  7. S

    Solved How to get the location of the block of the looped item?

    Hello, I'm trying to develop an anti-dupe system and I need help urgently.. I want to get the location of the block of the looped item, but do not know how :/ This is my code: every 1 seconds: loop {pchest::*}: loop all items in block at loop-value: if {banneditems::*}...
  8. Skizzors

    Help with custom blocks.

    I'm trying to recreate titanium from hypixel skyblock inside of skript, but I have no way of determining whether they broke the block i want instead of a placed polished diorite. Here's my code so far: options: block: polished diorite name: "test" on break of ancient debris: chance...
  9. S

    Spawn Blaze Error

    So, i'm currently making a Manhunt skript, where i let people edit the blaze spawning, so you can set {better-manhunt.spawn.rate.blaze} (how many blazes there spawns), to make it easier. But whatever i write, it gets an error. Either it says "Event-Entity is not a world" or "Could not understand...
  10. I

    Yaw not working.

    Hello, I have a large piece of code, but the problem lies in trying to set the yaw. And yes, only the yaw. Pitch works fine. set {location} to loop-value set yaw of {location} to {yaw::%loop-index%} set pitch of {location} to {pitch::%loop-index%} teleport player to {location} broadcast...
  11. O

    There's no location in an on script load event

    on script load: create new holo with line "&7» &c&lGold Leaderboard &7«" and store in {gold_lbs::*} at location at 84, 80, 83 in world "NORMALWORLD" refreshGoldLB() create new holo with line "&7» &c&lGPC Leaderboard &7«" and store in {gpc_lbs::*} at location at 52, 80, 83 in world...
  12. X

    When ending pathfinding

    Hello, is there an option to detect when a specific entity (i.e. pig) has ended it's pathfinding? I saw "make X pathfind to Y", "on entity starts pathfinding" but unfortunately no event that fires when a specific entity has reached it's path final destination. Any ideas? :/
  13. K

    Solved Set location to a variable.

    on join: set {spawn.%player%} to location at (0.5, 66, -1.5) in world "sb%player%" I'm guessing there is an error because the world has %player% in it but I don't know how to fix this.
  14. Baezor

    API SkLib (Skript API) 1.1.0

    NOTE: THIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER BEING MAINTAINED! SkLib SkLib is a collection of functions for developers. These functions include support for holograms, text animations, text formatting, locations, and sounds! These are extremely useful in many situations. A detailed description of each...
  15. L

    I require helps on push/thrust

    I was looking for a jump pad for my server which I want when player step on it it push player to a specific location(I tried (direction from player to location of {examplevariable}) but it doesn't seem to be what I want). What I want is when player step on it it pushes player to specific...
  16. TenToTu Sho

    Execute a command as entity/at location

    Hello everyone, so I would like to code something in that can execute a worldedit command at a specific location. I tried summonning a sheep and running it as the last spawned entity, but that didn't work. Is there any way to do this? Thanks. This is the code i used: command /sheepedit <text>...
  17. E


    Hello, i need help with this: on place of a GOLD BLOCK: message "Spawnpoint set" make player execute command "/spawnpoint %player%" I want to make spawnpint on top of the gold block How to do it? And if gold block destroyed, spawnpoint removed.
  18. M

    Shears Teleport

    Suggested name: Shears Teleport Spigot/Skript Version: 1.7.10 / 2.1.2 What I want: I want that when a player hits you, the location where you hit is saved and for 10 seconds if you right-click a scissors or any other item, transport you to the location where he hit you (not the player) Ideas...
  19. S

    Block to Loacation

    Hi, i´m really new in Skript, i read the documentation but still doesn't figure how to convert a variable of type block to location. Thanks. Nevermind... i feel dumb jaja I did i like this: %location of {block}%
  20. A

    Solved How do I get location of targeted block without XYZ

    This will be used to summon a mob using a console command, but for that i need the location without "X:, Y:, Z:" command /value [<text>]: trigger: message "%location of targeted block%" set {_target} to location of targeted block message "%{_target} parsed as...