gui command

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  1. temperature14

    GUI related error in skript

    GUI로 두 가지 Store를 생성했습니다. /sellshop 망치를 입력하면 Sellshop에 해당하는 GUI가 부분 열리지만, 특정 항목(이 항목은 Sellshop의 메인 페이지로 돌아가는 부분을 함)을 클릭하면 해당 GUI가 Sellshop이 열리지와 buyshop이라는 GUI가 훨씬 더 많습니다. 뭐. 코드 자체가 작동하는 이유는 무엇입니까? 참고로 buyshop 관련 코드를 모두 삭제하면 GUI가 열리며, 심지어는 동일한 현상이 발생합니다. Sellshop과 Buyshop 관련 코드를 다른 파일에 링크해야...
  2. H

    how do I delete a thread?

  3. G

    Solved Please help me with this

    Hey! I made a server on minehut, and everything worked. I put another code in, and its started not working. please help. (problem in the upgrades line) CODE: on inventory click: if name of event-inventory is "Click Test": cancel event if index of event-slot = 0...
  4. ItsMCB

    GUI "Wallpaper"

    I'm trying to create an option that allows players to change their "wallpaper" for the Warp GUI. I can't get it to work. Can you please see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance. options: wallpaper.%uuid of player%: white stained glass pane command /warpgui: permission...
  5. J

    Pickaxe Upgrade GUI Help

    So my script lets you open the upgrade menu on right click. I want so players can only upgrade their pickaxes through the GUI but when the pickaxe is clicked, it only closes the menu and nothing else happens. on right click: if name of player's tool is "&8Wood &7Pickaxe &8[&e1&8]": wait 1...
  6. F

    Multi GUI not workig

    Hello everyone, i hope you are all safe. I'm having a problem with Skript. I'm trying to make a kind of shop GUI system to buy enchanted books. I'm trying to open another GUI if you click an item on the first GUI. But it just closes the first gui and doesn't do anything. Code ...
  7. C

    Solved GUI ban skript not running commands

    i've been making a gui ban skript or my server for a few hours and i can't get it to run commands anymore it worked fine before but it just stopped working for some reason i am using skript 1.14 thanks for any help here is the skript command /punish <offline player>: permission: sc.punish...
  8. couger44

    Solved Crash minecraft on execute command.

    I'm doing a script on applications for the Helper and Builder ranges, when I was testing the command I was crashed by the minecraft and I do not know why.