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  1. D

    Functions not working

    Minecraft Version:1.8 --- Full Code: function myFunction(p: player): set helmet of {_p} to leather helmet Errors on Reload: myFunction(p: player) is not a text So I got another error that I just can't find a solution to. I've tried to make the p in player capitalized but that doesn't...
  2. K


    Functions do not return antything only SkQuery 3 do that but is bugged and can't return multiple varaibles only 1 Maybe a addon for Functions support
  3. A

    Location At Expression

    Recently I noticed that the location at expression is said to be broken. Location At Allows to create a location from three coordinates and a world. "This expression is currently not parsed correctly, and there is no ETA on a fix yet." – Has the...
  4. glowgrew

    Solved ColorRandomizer

    Category: ChatDesign Suggested name: ColorRandomizer What I want: I would like a chat script, which making chat more colourful and simple. On every message it randomize the main color. It can be a function. Ideas for commands: - Ideas for permissions: - When I'd like it by: - @BrettPlayMC...
  5. FUZIK

    Solved Help(functions).

    There are two functions: start and startWait. function startWait(0:int=0): broadcast "startWait" start(0) function start(0:int=0) broadcast "start" startWait(0) The function "startWait" does not see the function "start'. how to solve such a problem.
  6. B

    Using variables from function return

    I would like to stop the skript if a permission is negative, but I don't know how to check a value from a function return :emoji_frowning: Her's the code, the real code is more complicated, but I let only the important things, to let you understand it. That's why you could thing that I don't...
  7. FistoF

    Solved Faster Ladder Climbing

    Category Suggested Name Faster Ladder Climbing What I want A simple script that allows Players go up and down ladders much faster (with Levitation or push, maybe). Look straight up to go up the ladder (a bit like in Counter-Strike). Look straight down to go down the ladder. Ideas for Options...