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  1. I

    vanish groups, its posible?

    In theory, I would like to know if it is possible to create a script for group A players to be vanished and group B players not to be able to see or detect them (if I were using clients), so that when using, for example, a pvp arena, players from group A can fight themselves apart from group B...
  2. Liz3

    Feedback regarding SkriptIDE

    Hello Guys! First of all i would be really thankful if you could read this Post completely! I really need your feedback of you all. I am the Developer of the SkriptIDE. The only completely dedicated ide for Skript i know, sadly i quit the project about 2 Years ago. Now i am here to say that...
  3. Duetro

    I need some feedback for my new website!

    The page it public. Check it out!