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Addon Developer
Jan 25, 2017
Berlin, Germany
Hello Guys!
First of all i would be really thankful if you could read this Post completely!
I really need your feedback of you all.

I am the Developer of the SkriptIDE.
The only completely dedicated ide for Skript i know, sadly i quit the project about 2 Years ago.

Now i am here to say that SkriptIDE is back!

or not completely, because im planning to rename the project to SkIde or SkIDE

I learned a lot for sure, i also needed to do that, because i made some serious mistakes during the development of the first Version.

The first is, i was constantly implementing features not related to skript directly(like the Server System, FTP/SFTP export and so on), of course these features are cool, but they are completely replaceable, you can start a server normally and use WinSCP/Filezilla for uploading. In the end, the First version of SkriptIDE had a lot of these features, but only had a few actual features made for developing in skript.

The Second mistake was that i was releasing SkriptIDE with a lot of bugs and not even close to a finished product, which was a horrible mistake of my side.

To make sure i dont do these mistakes again, i am doing it the right way now.

What does that mean?
I am developing the IDE Features first, which contains things like auto complete, refractoring and so on.

Second i will not create a Resource on the SkUnity before i can say that the IDE is ready for end users with a 100% bugfree version.
That does not mean that it wont be possible to get the IDE before, i am sure that i will release the source code on github soon(

Now my question to you, the Skript Community!
What would you like the most to have on a Integrated Developent Environment for Skript.
You can give me feedback and any Feature request you want, i want the new SkriptIDE to be able to provide features on the level of Jetbrains IDE´s(Which is insane, but possible).

For the end of this Post i want to dedicate some words to you.
I had such a amazing support back on the old SkriptIDE by @BaeFell, @xXAndrew28Xx, @Matthew E and the community!
What did i do?
I quit the project.... This time SkIDE will be a finished product giving the Skript Community the best tool for developing Skript. Does not matter how long it takes.

To give the interested something, here is a Screenshot, of the first, but almost the most important feature i implemented.


(, @Pikachu)

I am so excited for your guys feedback.

Kind Regards
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Neat, never heard of it before, but looks amazing! And will there be what king said above too?
I think errors while typing would be cool, but im not sure how feasible that is
Yeah good idea, i think once i made the logic for Error checking, doing scans while typing should not be a big deal.
The only thing i am super afraid of, is how i will handle Auto Complete in Big files > 2000 lines, with good Performance, since i am using RichTextFX
Liz this looks amazing. I don't know much about IDE's but it looks like youre doing some incredible work. I can't wait to get my hands on this and test it out.
If you need a tester just give me a shout out, I'm always up for testing new stuff :emoji_slight_smile: