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  1. R

    Is it possible to send fake entity packets that contain items?

    I wonder if there're ways to make fake armor stands/item frames/display entities that are having items in their slots. And I tried PoaSK but that seems only allow to spawn a fake eitity with ID...What's the ID means and can I modify a specific fake entity by its ID? (I have posted this thread on...
  2. F

    Changing a mob attribute

    Wassup good sirs and ma'ams. I need to change the attribute "followRange" of a mob when it spawns. I have no idea on how to get this to work. I've tried myself but now I'm here. Open to any suggestions, thanks! :)
  3. C

    Solved Entity teleport not working

    I'm trying to teleport a silverfish to some coords, and it's not giving any errors, but it doesn't work. here is my code: command fight: trigger: teleport silverfish to location(970, 48, -22, world) it works when I put player but not anything else
  4. T

    Delete Armorstand Bug

    Skript Version: V8 Minecraft Version: 1.16.5 on rightclick on any stairs: spawn armor stand at location below event-block set {_entity} to last spawned entity rotate {_entity} around z-axis by 180 degrees set visibility of {_entity} to false make player ride {_entity}...
  5. M

    Finding a specific entitie

    I don’t know how to delete this
  6. M

    Is There to spawn an entity at a location

    Im trying to make like a custom rpg type thing and im trying to make a custom mob with custom names and drops, health, strength and extra but i need my mob to spawn in World Skyblock at a certain location and/or block. I already now how to spawn the mob but i dont now how to spawn it at this place
  7. J

    Random entity

    I don't know if it's possible, but can you spawn a random entity when someone breaks a block? This code won't work: on break: set {_entity} to a random entity out of all entity's set {_entity} to a random entity
  8. A

    How to rotate an armorstand in cardinal points?

    Hello, i want to rotate an armor stand in cardinal points because when you normaly rotate an armor stand, the armor stand is looking to north the whole time and this is not what i need. I need an armour stand which smoothly rotate / look to North, North East, East, South East, South, South...
  9. Wolwer

    Spawning NPC

    Hello! I have a question: why an I getting those errors: [23:06:31] [Server thread/ERROR]: Can't understand this condition/effect: spawn npc {_n} at location of {_p} ~ vector 2, 100, 0 (bot.sk, line 6: spawn npc {_n} at location of {_p} ~ vector 2, 100, 0') [23:06:31] [Server thread/ERROR]...
  10. B

    Open Chest

    Hello I have a test Server with skRayFall, skQuery, skSharp and Skript and I made a script with: command /menu: trigger: open chest with 3 rows named "&cMenu" to player and its not working its saying its not an entity, I need help please!
  11. Flare.TimeToPlay

    Make player can control entities while riding them

    Hey, I want to code a parachute with skript so I'll spawn a chicken and the player will ride the chicken. But the player can't control the chicken while riding. Is there a way that the player can "control" the chicken. (Like press "D" for moving to the right, etc. When the player looks to...
  12. Mr_Simba

    API TagAPI 1.1

    TagAPI Description TagAPI gives you easy access to Mojang's scoreboard tag system which was introduced in 1.9. These tags allow you to permanently store up to 1024 text tags on an entity. Tags, like metadata from Skellett or RandomSk, are unique to an entity and can be checked or remove at any...