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  1. I

    killed entity reward, have code, need to convert to a function

    have this code that I made by myself but I don't want to repeat so many lines for each type of entity, tried to transform the code into a function but... I suffer from serious skill issue. Can someone give me sample code from this? I need to have as "variables" the random amount of money ex...
  2. A

    Sword that damages all enities but not player

    hello, I would like a sword that damages all entities in a certain radius but if I use damage all entities, it damages the player too. any fixes? Code will be below. on right click: if player's tool is iron sword named "&6Scylla": if {-p::%uuid of player%::hype} is true...
  3. LimeGlass

    Addon Khoryl 1.1.2

    Documentation | Github | Bug reports A Skript addon dedicated to doing things Skript can't. Due to the way Skript's API is designed, you can't determine types during script parsing, so Khoryl does that for you during runtime. Features: Entity support (Every entity soon) Wolf Zombie drowned...