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  1. Wavemelon

    Instant Damage has no delay

    So I've been making this plugin for an SMP and there's a problem with the effects that it gives. Basically, (like arrows) you can tip swords with potion effects, and there's a problem with the Instant Damage II effect where if you spam your sword, it can kill another player very quickly (which...
  2. Sovde

    Addon Skript-Particle v1.3.1

    skript-particle Skript addon for creating complex particle effects with minimal hassle. Requires Skript 2.7+, Java 17, Paper 1.17.1+ Download at the releases page. You can find help, give suggestions, or voice complaints in the Issues tab here, or on the skript-chat discord here...
  3. N

    Solved Keep Effects After Death

    Like The title says I Need a script that lets players keep effects after death this is what i tried and it didnt work :(
  4. I

    Keep Effects after death?

    Im trying to make a skript that keeps effect after death, the effects i have in game is strenght 2, haste 5 and resistance 3, is tehre a way to keep those effects after you die?
  5. I

    Solved Skript force click

    Is there a way to force a player to click? heres my code: on chat: if message is "!autoclicker": make player click 50 times #this is whats wrong if there are any addons i need, please tell me. edit: i can use on chat: if message is "!autoclicker": loop players in...
  6. RedDiamond

    Need help for my custom item skript

    I really need help for this one, so I've made a custom items that do stuff with a cooldown, but when I run it on minehut it didn't want to do any of the effects and just skip to the 'else' part anyone know why? options: prefix: &8[&a&lKrypBox&8] variables: {Cooldown.%player%} = 0 #Fire...
  7. D

    Solved Lose my effects

    When I logout and login I lose all the effects, someone can help me please on consume: event-item is golden apple if event-player has glowing: set {Glowing::%player%} to false remove glowing from event-player else: apply...
  8. B

    if player is in world: give effect

    Hi, could anybody help me doing a skript? I want to do that if player is in world world, then it gives to him a effect of regeneration. Thank for response
  9. M

    Solved How do i make a blaze effect?

    Hi, I have a question! I'm making a custom wand for my server and want to add a blaze effect. I already made 2 working spells, a spells selector and added perms and an on-death event. However, I can't seem to find a way to put fire on top of blocks in a certain radius. when using a simple...
  10. L

    Solved Local effects -> return boolean (true/false)

    Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to create my own permissionsystem in skript. But i dont want to write 'if {perms::%uuid of player%::*} contains <text>'. So I thought of a local effect I began like: local effect if %player% (has|have) permission %text%: set {_p} to expression-1...
  11. W

    Skript Arrow Effects Tutorial

    Hello Everyone, all this tutorial requires is Skript Today, I'll be making a tutorial on arrow effects. There are 3 other effects that can be used. They are endersignal, fire, and smoke. Today, I'll be showing you the explode effect. Now, we will be coding the event, the permission, and to...
  12. W

    Other Block Effects

    This is a tutorial for effects with blocks. We will now start with a radius from the location of a block. This code loops entities in a radius of 5 around the block's position. loop all entities in radius 5 around blocks's location: Now we will add an event for in which this loop will occur...
  13. W

    Script Hub 2.1

    Features: Set a hub spawn Double Jump Stacker Spawn Effects Speed Effects (speed nametag) Disabling and Enabling hunger Four Portals! Arrow Effects Help Page Commands and Permissions: /sethub hub.sethub /hub hub.hub /setpoint1 hub.setpoint1 (Teleport with diamond block, portal 1) /setpoint2...
  14. Adrihun

    Solved Rank helper

    Category: Ranks Suggested name: UpdaterRank What I want: I want a simple script. If you type in /rank add (name of the player) (name of the rank) it will give the player the rank that you typed in (OWNER, BUILDER etc) and console will then execute command "pex user NAME group set OWNER" then a...