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  1. winterwolf007
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Set a hub spawn
    Double Jump
    Spawn Effects
    Speed Effects (speed nametag)
    Disabling and Enabling hunger
    Four Portals!
    Arrow Effects
    Help Page
    Commands and Permissions:
    /sethub hub.sethub
    /hub hub.hub
    /setpoint1 hub.setpoint1 (Teleport with diamond block, portal 1)
    /setpoint2 hub.setpoint2 (Teleport with gold block, portal 2)
    /setpoint3 hub.setpoint3 (Teleport with iron block, portal 3)
    /setpoint4 hub.setpoint4 (Teleport with coal block, portal 4)
    hub.login (auto-teleports you to hub)
    hub.effectflame (when you login, you have a certain login effect)
    hub.speed (click the bone and you get speed)
    hub.enable (enable hunger permission)
    hub.disable (disable hunger permission)
    hub.join (hub joining disabling hunger)
    /arrow (type) (on.off) arrow.particle
    /hubhelp or /hh hub.help
    Types: explode, endersignal, fire, or smoke
    explode.shoot (using exploding effect)
    fire.shoot (using fire effect)
    endersignal.shoot (using endersignal effect)
    smoke.shoot (using smoke effect)
    You can use any of the arrow effects together
    To be added:
    Disabling/enabling particle effects
    spawn effects
    disabling hunger and doublejump leaving the lobby
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