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  1. Kaff

    Help with placeholders

    I'm trying to use a placeholder of a economy plugin in my skript, but i don't really know how to use placeholders. This is the line set slot 11 of {_MenuPj.%{_p}%} to gold nugget named "&eRyo's: &f%gemseconomy_balance_default%" I want to show the player's balance in a menu, but this is from...
  2. SubSplash

    Need help with vault eco formatting.

    Hello! I need help formatting a number (example: 1000) to use vault eco formatting ($1,000). Sorry for the lack of details I'm not sure what else to say.
  3. J

    Solved How do I add one to balance when clicking a specific block?

    Ok so. I am trying to make a little script to increase my balance by one every time I click a specified block here is the code so far! Skript version: 2.6.2 Author: Quiettee (me) options: balance: 0 starting_money: 0 minium_money: 0 maxium_money:1000000000000 on...
  4. I

    Ikey Survival

    Join the 1.16 survival economy server! Ikey Survival is a survival server based around the community. The plan of the server is to make a enjoyable survival economy server with features suggested and voted upon by the community. We want to make sure that our server is enjoyable by having polls...
  5. K

    Players balance is more than 0

    Hello, I need advice. I'm trying to make a player whose economy I have defined. However, there is a smaller catch and the fact that I want to ensure that my custom economy can not add balance to the minus. So I want to find out if the player who uses the order has more than 0 on the account. I...
  6. E

    Solved How to add arg 1 to your money amount?

    Hello! Im trying to create a comand that gives the player money. But it's saying arg 1 iant a solid number. How can I fix this? command / mrbeast <number>: permission:op trigger: if arg 1 is a number: add %arg-1% to player's balance send "&C%arg-1%$ &4...
  7. S

    Help With Setting a String to Int. Then Comparing Two Int.

    Hi, I just started skripting so pardon if the code itself is absolute garbage. Im having trouble converting one of my strings (in this case my essentials economy balance) to an integer (So instead of $6,520 ill have 6250). This is so I can compare it to another string (of which I convert to an...
  8. HowTragicMate

    Physical Bank

    Category: Economy Suggested name: Physical Bank Spigot/Skript Version: 2.5-alpha1 (1.15.2) What I want: An item-based economy script, per default emeralds. The goals are to add a greater level of immersion, a generally more Minecraft-like feeling, and in the case of a PvP environment...
  9. F

    Solved I need to connect skript to essentials economy

    Hi i am trying to create a buy system and i cant get player economy when i do player's money i just get 0 and same with balance and when i do add 15 to player's money it works to add but it doesn't add to essentials economy i need help it is driving me crazy i have tried to figure this out all day
  10. Barbarx

    Script SkAuction 1.1

    Hello, this skript adds auction to your server where your players can buy and sell items. Inspired by AuctionHouse plugin. [/SPOILER] Green-Done Red-Coming soon Easy menu to sell items via Gui 100% support custom items(Enchants,durability,NBT,lore,names,book text)...
  11. Adrihun

    Solved a