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Script SkAuction 1.1

Sell and buy items in Auction by Auctioner or command

  1. Barbarx
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11, 1.12

    Hello, this skript adds auction to your server where your players can buy and sell items. Inspired by AuctionHouse plugin.
    Green-Done Red-Coming soon

    • Easy menu to sell items via Gui
    • 100% support custom items(Enchants,durability,NBT,lore,names,book text)
    • Fully automatized pages(without limits)
    • Time duration in auction(can be increased by money)
    • Anti-duplicating system
    • Auctioner via Citizens ( you can use SkAuction without citizens too)
    • 100% configurable(now like 80%)
      Code (Skript):
      1. options:
      2.  # ---------------  GENERAL ------------------- #
      3.     nameofnpc: &bAuctioner
      4.     Prefix: &6&lAuction&f>>
      5.     page: &1Page
      6.     PreviousPage: red clay named "&cPrevious page" with lore "&7It will return you to previous page."
      7.     NextPage: green clay named "&aNext page" with lore "&7It will move you to next page."
      8.     AddItem: diamond named "&eAdd item to auction" with lore "&7By click you will open menu."
      9.     SellerFormat: &9Seller&f: &e #Final format is like {@SellerFormat}Player
      10.     PriceFormat:  &9Price&f: &e
      11.     TimeFormat: &9Time&f: &e
      12.     IdFormat: &9ID&f: &e #Don't change this too much or it will do issues
      13.     TimeHours: Hour(s)
      14.     Cancel: &cCancel
      15.     Sold: &aSold
      16. # --------------- GUI FOR PUTTING ITEMS TO AUCTION ----------- #
      17.     Information1: book named "&9&lInformation" with lore "&7There you will choose which item||&7you wanna sell. Move item to empty slot"
      18.     Information2: book named "&9&lInformation" with lore "&7There you can set your duration of item ||&7in auction, for 48 hours you have to pay 100$"
      19.     Information3: book named "&9&lInformation" with lore "&7There you will choose by how much||&7you will increase money by clicking buttons"
      20.     PriceGUI: &c&lPrice of item
      21.     PrePriceGUI: &c&lChoose your money increasing.
      22.     TimeGUI: &c&lSelect Time.
      23.     ItemGUI: &c&lPut item.
      24.     Confirm: emerald block named "&aConfirm"
      25.     Confirm2: light green clay named "&aConfirm"
      26.     AddPrice: light green clay named "&aAdd"
      27.     RemovePrice: red clay named "&cRemove"
      28.     # If you change time to like 22 hours it won't affect anything it will be again 24 hours, but in next update i'll do it
      29.     Time24: 24 name tag named "&c24 Hours" with lore "&7Click here, and duration of item in auction will be 24 hours."
      30.     PaxBonusTime: 100
      31.     Time48: 48 name tag named "&c48 Hours" with lore "&7Click here, and duration of item in auction will be 48 hours.||||&c&lPrice:||&6{@PaxBonusTime}$"
      32.     Moneyincreasingtype1: 100
      33.     Moneyincreasingtype2: 1000
      34.     Moneyincreasingtype3: 10000
      35. # ---------------- COMMANDS ------------------ #
      36.     Command: Auction
      37.     PermissionPlayer: auction.command
      38.     PermissionAdmin: auction.admin
      39.     PermMsg: &eYou haven't permission for this.
      40.     ErrorSign: &eYou must look on sign.
      41.     MailCreated: &eMail was created.
      42. # ---------------- MAIL ------------------ #
      43.     refreshbutton: paper named "&cRefresh" with lore "&7It will refresh your mail"
      44.     nameofmail: &1Mail
      45.     Mail1stline: &d[Mail]
      46.     Mail2ndline: &8There are deposited
      47.     Mail3rdline: items that expired
      48.     Collected: &aCollected
      49. # -------------- MESSAGES --------------- #
      50.     ErrorYourItem:&eYou can't buy your items.
      51.     ErrorMoney: &eYou have not enough of money.
      52.     Sendedtomail: &eYou had full inventory so item was sended to mail.
      53.     BuyingInformation: &e%player% bought your item for &c%{_cislo}%&e$ #Don't remove {_cislo} it means how much he spend for it
      54.     ItemDoesntExist: &eThis item someone bought or duration of Time just expired.
      55.     ErrorFullInventory: &eYou have full inventory.
    • MySQL(for websites)
    • Option to remove your items from auction
    • YML config
    • Blacklist for some items

    • /Auction - Shows all commands from SkAuction
    • /Auction open - opens auction
    • /Auction mail - opens mail
    • /Auction createnpc - makes npc on your location
    • /Auction createmail - makes targeted sign as mail
    For /Auction createmail/createnpc you need permission auction.admin
    Skellett (https://forums.skunity.com/resources/skellett-the-beast-addon.24/)
    SkUtilities (https://forums.skunity.com/resources/skutilities.26/)
    Vault (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/vault.34315/)
    And Skript ofcourse

    How much downloads?

    10 Well it was downloaded a lot by mods.
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