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  1. Nikola

    Stop Creative Middle Click Duplicating

    Hello, I've tried to cancel middle click block duplicating while players are in creative. I looked at forums, and I saw one reply of @ShaneBee, which includes "if event-click action is middle mouse button:", but that expression is only available in GUIs. I've also tried "if click type is middle...
  2. T

    I got some problems with variables in flatfile.

    Hi there! :) I got some problems with variables in flatfile, because they duplicating all the time :/ This it how it looks :/ zlotowki::<player>, long, 0000000000000000 zlotowki::therazerpl, long, 000000000000000A zlotowki::therazerpl, long, 0000000000000014 zlotowki::therazerpl, long...