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  1. Shadow Klassic

    Disguise Skellet.

    How do i disguise mob's skins in skellet with protocolib and libsdisguise. I tried doing this: every 3 ticks in world "world": {timerpowerup} is true loop all players: loop all mobs: set {_lpP} to loop-player set target of all monsters to {_lpP}...
  2. Runakai

    Solved disguise nick as real player

    Hey! I am doing my Nick system and i wanted to ask if it is possible to add the player to the real players? Like: When i nick myself as... e.g "Lucax" and type in L and THEN press tab, the Nickname will automatically be completed. Also when using commands.
  3. T

    Possible to disguise entity as another entity?

    Hi there, this is just a quick question, I couldn't find an answer for on the forums nor documentations. I know Skellett allows the player to get disguised, but what about entities? "disguise the last spawned horse as a creeper" for instance. Any addon out there that can do this?
  4. O

    Changing player's nametag with /disguise

    Hi, so I've got this code, and as you can see, it changes the player's tab name to the disguised name, but I want it to also change the player's nametag to "&c&lDR1 %arg-1%". Any ideas? command /disguise [<text>]: trigger: if {rank.%player%} is not "JrAdmin" or "Admin" or "Manager"...