custom commands

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  1. M

    Custom commands come up as "Unknown command"

  2. P

    Solved Help with custom commands and loop dropping items

    So I have this server that I work on, that basically has different jobs. One of them is going to be a janitor, which will have an area to work, they will clean up dirt, which will just be a dropped item. I have set the coords I want the drops to spawn at, but I want to be able to activate the...
  3. M

    Skript command not working

    I was trying to make a factions skript, but when I loaded it it returned no errors but the command didn't work, minecraft didn't recognize that command at all. Here is my code command /factions <text> [<text>]: trigger: if arg-1 is "help": send "help message here"...
  4. O

    Solved Custom Command Help

    I am trying to create a command that will respawn the player for a cost of $10000 by typing /respawn. I am using the vault plugin for the economy. I can't get it to work correctly. This is my skript currently. command /rsp: description: This will buy you back to life for $10000...
  5. Purple Pixel

    Skript Custom Commands For Dummies. (Part 1)

    (In this tutorial I am using 2 spaces to indent.) Custom Commands: Custom commands can come in many different ways. From simple commands to very complicated ones. For beginners, this is usually how you would want to layout your skript command. command /example: permission: trigger: There...
  6. M

    I need help with custom commands!

    Hey! When I make a custom command script or even download a made script, on minecraft when I reload the scripts, and try to do the custom command it always says that the command does not exist! Does anyone know how to fix this? (hosting on minehut)
  7. bolleboor

    Script ExtraCMDS 1.3.1 [Last Update] [FIX]

    ExtraCMDS Skript discontinued New skript will come out soon! ============================= Commands: /ExtraCMDS Gives you plugin information /ExtraCMDS list Shows up all commands /ExtraCMDSreload config reloads config /ExtraCMDSreload skript Reloading this skript /die Killing an other...