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  1. M

    Skript crashing server and not working.

    Skript can be found below: # Cooldown Skript v1.0 # Created by Skptical # A simple cooldown API that utilizes the bossbar # to show a counting down cooldown for specific items or abilities. # # Requirements: # - Skellete # - Skript # Global variables # Can be changed to adjust the...
  2. T


    hey i was working on my sell command but everytime i tryed to reload it it just crashed and now idk what to do its just that one skript my /sell skript i hope someone can help me with it! ``` options: cactus: 20 redmushroom: 35 pupmkinseeds: 1 netherwart: 40 melonseeds: 1...
  3. M

    Skript not parsing and crashing server

    Script Version: v2.6.2 Minecraft Version: 1.17 Code: on left click: name of player's tool is "&aLush Wand": {cooldown6.%player%} is false: {mana.%player%} >= 30 subtract 30 from {mana.%player%} set {cooldown6.%player%} to true loop all...
  4. MattMX

    LecternCrash Fix

    Tried to upload this yesterday but got took down lol This is a simple patch for the newly discovered "Lectern Crash/Dupe" exploit on previous paper versions.
  5. C

    Server crashes on Skript enable

    Hi, every time, i wanna enable my Skript, my server crashs, and i get this Error: Can somebody help me?
  6. UntitledGaming

    Pets crashing the server

    so i edited a pet skript and it now crashes the server i think its the while spawned entity is alive: but im not sure pls help me command /Pet [<text>]: permission: permission message: [&c&l!&f] You don't have permission aliases: /pets trigger: if...
  7. WrexBG

    Skript error // Server crashes

    Hello everyone, I am having a weird issue with Skript that causes the whole server to instantly crash Placing one of these flying machines has recently started to crash the server after they travel for a bit Error here: Additional Info: Skript: 2.4.1...
  8. H

    Solved Server crashes when I reload

    Skript Version: 2.4 Minecraft Version: 1.15.2 So I've been trying to make a skript which tests for lore within every slot of their hotbar and their chest. But for some reason when I reload the skript my server will crash. Script Code : Crash Report ...
  9. N

    Solved Why does it crash my server after someone moves when he was afk?

    Well for some reason my code just makes the server crash when someone comes back from being afk. I have no idea why. Here is my code: command /setlimbo: permission: admin trigger: set {limbo} to location of player send "&eYou set the Limbo spawn to your current...
  10. Brot

    Solved Need help With Code "Server Crashes"

    Hello i need help with my Code every time i rightclick the item my server crashes on rightclick holding paper: if lore of item is "Casino Check Right Click to use": set {_amount::*} to name of the player's held item split at "$" execute console command "/money add %player%...
  11. AKE

    Server crashed

    My MC Server crashed 10 Minutes until starting. i dont know why pls Help Her is the Console Error:
  12. Falicks

    crash player

    Hey guys, Hey guys, I tried to make a ban script. But I wanted that instead of the player getting kicked, his Minecraft crashes. I've tried it like this: "show 10000000000000000000000000000000000 "iconcrack_155" particles at arg's location for arg offset by 0.5, 0.5 and 0.5" but that did not...
  13. Adrihun

    Solved Skellett / SkelettProxy Broke!

    Skript Version: Skript 2.2 (dev25) Skript Author: Someone Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 Console Errors: Bungee ---> Lobby-1 ---> Addons using (including versions): Skelett (Latest), MundoSK (Latest), SkDragon (Latest)...
  14. J

    MundoSK Join Error (HELP)

    MundoSK: 1.7.4 Skript: 2.1 Server: Paperspigot 1.9.4 ProtocolLib: 4.1.0 I need help :( Thank you for your interest.