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  1. I

    Skript Request: Craft or Die

    Category: Minigame-ish, pvp Suggested name: Craft or Die Spigot/Skript Version: 2.5 What I want: I will try my best to explain this minigame. It's quite interesting actually. Craft or Die [Explanation of minigame] Craft or die is a minigame where players will be transported into a random...
  2. Shadow Klassic

    inventory crafting grid slot set item?

    How do i set the inventory crafting grid of a player set to specific items?
  3. M

    skwaze not working

    hi im trying to use the skwaze addon for crafting but it says "Can't understand this condition/effect:" and then the code below I also tried it with Waze at the beginning register new recipe for glass bottle with wheat, wheat, wheat,stick
  4. S

    Registering an enchanted tool recipe

    How would I call for an enchanted tool recipe when registering one? Ex: register new crafting recipe for iron pickaxe of efficiency 3 with (input here). bump bump