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  1. imStelios

    How to execute MmoItems Give command through other plugin

    Hello. I need help with mmoitems. I want to make mmoitems work with Mysteryboxes. It's all easy but I can't find anywhere the PLACEHOLDER for (player). What I want is to give mmoitems through Mysteryboxes. Mysteryboxes work with commands executes. So I need to config in Mystery box this...
  2. K

    How can i use Skript variables in another plugin config?

    Basically, i want to use one of my Skript variables in the config of a plugin of Scoreboard. And i'd like learn to use a plugin variable into a Skript also. Is there a way to use a variable Skript in another plugin?
  3. Jake

    Script Chunk Load Checker 1.0

    Chunk Load Checker or (CLC) is a script that makes sure the Staff is notified when a Chunk Load Overload happens by alerting them with a report, reports are also viewable through the main command, data can be cleared though the same command, everything is configurable in the config...
  4. K

    Empty configuration section - help :)

    How can i solve this my skript on damage of player: if event-world is "world": projectile exists projectile is a arrow attacker is a player kill victim the error [03:36:46 WARN]: Empty configuration section! You might want to indent one or more of the subsequent lines to make them belong to...
  5. J

    Skript Config File

    I have a problem with my plugin this is the code: on load: - if folder "plugins/AutoAfkHypixel" doesn't exists: - create folder "plugins/AutoAfkHypixel" if file "plugins/AutoAfkHypixel/config.yml" doesn't exists: - wait 1 tick - create file...
  6. itsZneaky

    Mysql in skript won't work?? - Help needed!

    Hi Skunity. I have tryed to make a kit config skript with mysql but it won't make the table in my database?. Here is my code: .
  7. Rezz

    Other [OUTDATED] Don't use YAML.

    WARNING see Unfortunately, YAML is one of the most inefficient things you can do in Skript. It may seem like a convenience -- or even a necessary enhancement -- at first glance, but the harsh reality is: no...