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New Member
Jul 25, 2017
I have a problem with my plugin this is the code:
on load:
- if folder "plugins/AutoAfkHypixel" doesn't exists:
- create folder "plugins/AutoAfkHypixel"

if file "plugins/AutoAfkHypixel/config.yml" doesn't exists:
- wait 1 tick
- create file "plugins/AutoAfkHypixel/config.yml"

This are the errors:
[09:33:17 ERROR]: [Skript] can't understand this condition: 'folder "plugins/Aut
oAfkHypixel" doesn't exists' (, line 19: if folder "plugins/AutoAfkHypix
el" doesn't exists:')
[09:33:17 ERROR]: [Skript] can't understand this condition: 'file "plugins/AutoA
fkHypixel/config.yml" doesn't exists' (, line 22: if file "plugins/AutoA
fkHypixel/config.yml" doesn't exists:')
[09:33:22 ERROR]: [Skript] Can't compare a damage cause with a (UzuMai, line 138: if damage cause is void:')
[09:33:24 INFO]: [Skript] Loaded 2 scripts with a total of 37 triggers and 11 co
mmands in 7.04 seconds

This are my plugins:
Plugins (23): WorldEdit, PerWorldTabList, Skript, Essentials, E
ssentialsChat, VoidWorld, PermissionsEx, PerWorldPlugins, PlugMan, SkQuery, ViaV
ersion, Vault, xInventories, Multiverse-Core, ProtocolLib, WorldGuard, Citizens,
skRayFall, ProtectionStones, HideAndCustomPlugins, Skellett, Umbaska, TuSKe

How can i make a config file, please help my, then you are the best!
I can't download an update for my Duels plugin, how can i fix this?

This is my code:

Command /1vs1:
-----------else if arg 1 is "update":
----------------download from "" ------------------------------------------to "plugins//Skript//"
-----------wait 100 tick
-----------send "&a&lDownloaded successfully!"
-----------wait 5 tick
-----------send "&aPlease, reload Duels to get newest version working: &c/1vs1 reload"

Skript doesn't download the new update, how can i fix it. Sorry for my bad English xD.
I don't think you can download a file into a file, I believe a file needs to be downloaded into a directory. I have never tried using this system so Im not too sure.
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