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  1. Thijnvdrn

    i need help with my custom swords

    iam using items adder and want to make a sword called HeartSteal apply regeneration 2 when holding so bassicly i need a config that does that can anyone help Thank You!
  2. Haloxx

    How can i make my code look cleaner?

    i have this long annoying code and it works but it looks like a 5 year old made it on mine of any ore: player is sneaking: if event-block is iron ore: cancel event loop blocks in radius 2 around event-block: if loop-blocks is iron ore: loop blocks in radius 2...
  3. Haloxx

    Why is my code not working?

    i have this code to break looped blocks but it says that it doesnt know what loop blocks in radius means and it says this
  4. M

    Solved skquery not working

    hi when I try to use skquery for custom crafting recipes it says 'can't understand this condition/effect' here's some of my code options: LB: glass bottle on load: register new shapeless recipe for {@LB} named "Light Rum" using water bottle,stick
  5. Liz3

    Start coding directly with Bukkit/spigot or normal programming?

    Hey Guys, this is a term i wanted to ask a long time ago and im not sure if i will only ask it here in the skUnity Forum, but lets get started: Im right know a 17 Years old junior dev working full time, mostly in web languages like javascript(ts),php, html etc.... I made the SkriptIDE two years...
  6. cheatchki

    Development (server or skript)

    Lately I have been bored out of my mind, and I would love to have a challenge. So if you want a special plugin made, or you want help developing a server, whatever it might be with minecraft, I am up for helping! experience: - 6 almost 7 years of Minecraft - about 5 years of minor redstone...