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  1. P

    Problems with data values

    Script Version: 2.6.1 Script Author: TPGamesNL Minecraft Version: 1.18.1 Full Code: command /testthisstuff: trigger: loop all blocks in radius 3 around player: if loop-block is wheat plant: set data value of loop-block to 2 Errors on Reload: There is no...
  2. M

    Help with skript double-sending commands

    So I'm trying to get a skript where I throw an item into lava and it returns commands back. However, I can't use it because it double sends any command I've put in. Me and my actual skripter friend have tried everything to fix the skript and it doesn't work, and I'm coming here as a last ditch...
  3. KingDooms

    Doesn't damage players

    So im trying to make a sword that has multiple abilities, but one of the abilities damages everything except players but i want it to damage everything. Help? if {ShaggyWeapon::%player%} is 3: push the player up at speed 1.1 wait 16 ticks set...
  4. Q

    Lots of issues...

    Deleted Post (idk how to actually delete)
  5. N

    Easy fix // Skript problem

    on right click: if player is in "Prison": if targeted block is stone brick: set targeted block to redstone block wait 5 seconds if the targeted block is redstone block: set targeted block to stone brick on left click...
  6. Selvati

    Again with things not loading

    Skript Version: dev25 Skrip Author: Bensku Addons: SharpSK SkMorkaz SkQuery-Lime SKUtilities TuSKe Umbaska Errors: At first, with all these addons required for my skripts, sometimes some wouldn't load, at random like I hazd said in mai post yesterday night. Anddd... now skript isn't...
  7. Selvati

    Solved Drag and drop custom enchantments {lore}

    Okay so I have been making custom lore enchantments, the last piece of this puzzle is to make a skript that allows the player to 'drag and drop' the custom enchantment book over certain items, and it should add a custom lore to the clicked item and remove 1 of the enchantment books from the...
  8. A

    Location At Expression

    Recently I noticed that the location at expression is said to be broken. Location At Allows to create a location from three coordinates and a world. "This expression is currently not parsed correctly, and there is no ETA on a fix yet." – Has the...