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  1. PlaywithK

    Trying to set a block to a specific location, but it's just not working

    I try to make a OneBlock like Game in the nether, where you mine one specific block and it's replacing itself over and over. I don't get any errors but it just won't work. Did I do something wrong? Addons: -Skellett -SKBee Code: on load: set {_blocklist::*} to netherrack and...
  2. U

    How do I track blocks being broken by the block below it?

    Hi, I have a block (that is breakable when the block below it is broken). It needs to remove some entities around it and drop a custom item when breaking it. I use `on break` for that. However, if I break the block below it, the `on break` event doesn't run. How can I circumvent that? Thanks.
  3. M

    cancell block break if it's not clay

    Category: utility Suggested name: whatever Spigot/Skript Version: spigot 1.8.8 skript dev36 What I want: i want a skript that makes once the server is loaded, when a player breaks a block that is not clay in whatever world that is not "lobbytemp" it will not break. i dont know how to make...
  4. K

    Bedrock mining - with real mine

    Hi :) Can anyone help me with small script? I want to write script that can mine bedrock - normal mine like mining (obsidian,diamond ore). I know that I can use "on leftclick on bedrock:" - but this I can click on every bedrock around me... I want to mining at least 5s bedrock. Of course I...
  5. N

    Help: save placed block names in variable

    Hello, i want to save the name of custom heads in a variable when placed and use them for some if statements when broken. This is currently my script and the message on place just says <nothing>: on place of player head: message "%name of event-block%" to player if name of event-block is...
  6. catsorios

    Solved Is there a way to break stone with fortune and get the fortune blocks?

    I got a box server on minehut and I would like to know if I can apply fortune to stone. I have absolutely no idea how someone would do this soo yeah. :)
  7. C

    Solved Spawn a mob on block break.

    So I wan't to make it so a zombie has a 5% chance of spawning when someone breaks stone.
  8. D

    i need help with break thing

    So i need help with when i break a block, it will give you the block that got breaked but not break the block if you understand on break of any cobblestone: give @p 1 cobblestone like that, but the "on break of any cobbelstone:" does not work
  9. S

    gui lock status breaking.

    Anyone knows if "/skript reload scripts" break the "set the gui-lock-status to true" ? I'm testing guis from skript-gui, and I don't know if gui lock status break in a random circunstance or when I reload the scripts. Thanks.
  10. Parrothead

    Solved Line breaks not working

    Skript: Skript bensku-2.4-beta5 Paper: 1.14.4 Hi, I'm Updating my server from 1.12 to 1.14.4 and all of my lore line separators (e.x. '||' ) are broken. Example below. Using alternatives like '%nl%', '%newline%', and '\n' also give me no results. !give player sword with lore "Lore1||Lore2"...
  11. Parrothead

    Script Item Break and Repair 1.0

    Need help? post on the thread or PM me on Discord (Parrothead#8885) Hello, this is my second public script. I likely will never update this as I made it for my server and will likely diverge it significantly enough that updating won't be worth my time. FEATURES Turn items (specifically ones...
  12. DJ411

    Broken Blocks no Velocity + stacking

    I've been trying to work on a small task skript where when i mine a block instead of bouncing all over the place it would go to the player. Almost teleport to the player. Also with stacking. Like if there is already 1 block it would just be 2 almost like those mob stacking plugins but for an...
  13. I

    Solved Auto Resetting Arena

    I want to make a system kinda like Badlion Arena, whenever a game ends it would remove all the blocks. How in hell do I do this?! Help is welcomed :emoji_slight_smile::emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  14. Sitieno14

    Script BreakPlaceBlock 0.1

    Rules: - Please don't remove "Plugin made by Sitieno14" - Don't sell this plugin - You are free to share this plugin with anyone, but do not claim the plugin as yours Contact: - Skype: sitieno14 Please if you find a bug contact me on skype reporting it and i will fix it with a new version...