block commands

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  1. B

    Around of block a player execute the command

    if player around trap chest: execute player command "vipbanya"
  2. R

    Need an easy Script!

    Category: Block Event Suggested name: Spigot/Skript Version: latest Skript What I want: Set Spawnpoint on Block like Checkpoint Ideas for commands: dont need it Ideas for perm: use.checkpoint Time: asap Greetings
  3. Hakuyamu

    Solved Quotation marks in a text

    Hello everyone There is a command you need a permission for to execute it. I want the permission message to be "&fUnknown command. Type "/help" for help.", but it does not work because Skript does not understand in which way the quotation marks belong to each other. This is how my script looks...
  4. Tinkot

    Skript option variables multiple value

    Hey, I am designing a minigames system on my server and i want to block some commands at a certain point. I want to set the blocked commands with option variables. i want something like this options: Commands: tpa, spawn, back on command: set {_counter} to 1 loop {@Commands::*}...
  5. Adrihun

    Blocking "/<tab>" in skript

    Is there a way to block the feature in Minecraft where if you type in chat "/" and then press tab. I want to disable this because people can see my plugins/commands. Also, i tried a lot of anti tab plugins, and if i try to do something like "/message <tab (to see players name)> " nothing will...