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  1. A

    Solved How can I check if a player is registered on AuthMe through a Skript?

    I already tried SharpSK and all its forks, but the code doesn't work. SharpSK is in my /pl list but the code that I found in the docs doesn't get recognized. Any help? What I tried is: on join: if event-player is registered: # do something else: # do something else...
  2. L

    Authme and Skript

    Is there any addon that is compatible with Authme ?. Years ago I created this script that worked with "SharpSK" and "Tuske", but now it tells me that it doesn't recognize these lines. on first join: if {listablanca.ip::%player%} is ip of player: set {listablanca.registro.%player%}...
  3. Robi_hi

    When player uses /login command

    Hello! I just wonder how can I make a skript that will send some title to player when he joins (please login... for example), and when he execute /login (password) via authme, new title will pop-up (for example enjoy your stay!) Thanks!
  4. Riknesh

    AuthMe Reloaded conditions

    Im trying to use the authme condition but its not working On join: authme player is registered: Broadcast "asdasd" Im running on PaperSpigot 1.14.4 with Skript 2.4-beta5 and also TusKe 1.8.2-Pikachu-Patch-3 Any other way I can fix this?
  5. Barbarx

    Authme first login

    Hello. is something like On authme first login: ? Because i wanna create when they will connect so they will get starter items. without using variables. Is any like that event?