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  1. O

    anvil inventory item

    hello, I wanted to make a skript in which if I clicked with an object on an event block an anvil gui opened for me in which there was a piece of paper inside, but I can't do it. this is the skript: on rightclick on black glazed terracotta: if player's tool is a book named "&fCarta...
  2. Lutrex

    Solved Cancel rename specific item in an anvil

    How can I cancel renaming a specific item in an anvil?
  3. I

    Opening an anvil gui to a player

    I want to make a password for doing /op and i am tring to make it with an anvil or a sign gui. When i try to use a gui for a sign it says Can't understand this condition/effect: And when i use an anvil there is no errors but it says: An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this...
  4. T

    Anvil renaming does not work on virtual inventory

    Script Version: 2.6.3 Minecraft Version: 1.19 Code: open anvil inventory to player
  5. R

    Remove "Too Expensive" From combining with an anvil

    Hey I am just wondering if there is someway to code a custom anvil or change the original anvil to make it so that when combining items it shows up with a higher xp requirement rather than saying "too expensive" and allowing items to be combined. Thanks, any help is appreciated at this point.
  6. N

    On Anvil Combine:

    Hi. I need some help with a event. I dont know if its possible or anytihng, but i cant find out what the event for the combined thing is called: i need it there as something like "event-item-combined" the errors are:

    Solved endet

  8. P

    Solved Why this code don't works with the furnace and the chest?

    Skript Version: 2.2 V8B Minecraft Version:1.8.8 --- Full Code: On place: if player is holding block: if player do not have the permission "": if block above is air: cancel event else if block above is slab:7: if...
  9. X

    Anvil Editor

    How can i make something like this from mineplex: I want this to make players search like mineplex. My mc version is 1.12