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Script skWorth 1.3

Create an Essentials "/buy" command letting players buy in-game items using the "worth.yml" file!

  1. v1.3 - Bug Fixes; New Features

    Haven't posted in a while...but that doesn't mean I haven't been working on it on and off, lately! Version 1.3 has rolled out, with some brand-new features that I have yet to post on my website (by the time you read this, it might already be done, but I cannot guarantee that)

    NOTE: for any of the commands in this file, you can use /skworth: in front and it will still run. Examples:
    • /skworth:skworthupdate
      • Check for updates to script
  2. Bug fixes and slight re-code

    Code re-worked slightly, bringing these fixes:
    • Added message if balance management is not player's balance but rather a skript variable
    • Fixed bug where skript says it can't parse a particular message; message will still be displayed if you don't use skript-yaml but has no effect on the script working
    • Added extra check to see if loop-player has permission (before, it would send admins the player item purchase message regardless if the notify option was set to false)...
  3. Config update (v1.1)

    Changes to code:
    • Script no longer requires plugin skript-yaml
      • While not required, it makes yaml-handling better by adding the yml file to the server's cache (automatically deleted on server shutdown)
      • Added option to reflect this change
    • Discovered better method to see "config" options, removing certain quotation marks from those options
    • Updated script-load message to include version
    Changed name of configurable options to make more sense:...