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Script Skript Random Chests (SkChest) Build 1

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.11
  2. 1.12
- SkChest
SkRandomChest is a very basic Skript code, that will allow you to set random chest loot in whatever way you like. The config and options are 100% customizable, and the things that needed explaining are explained.

- Commands:
- /skchest > Main command.
- /skchest add > Add a chest to the list of chests.
- /skchest remove > Remove a chest from the list
- /skchest refill > If you have selected all your chests, or if your minigame is over, you can make the console execute this command so that all the chests will refill (This is required if you select chests, so that the chests fill with loot.)

- Permissions
This is customizable, but I have set the default to 'is.admin'

- Dependencies (Just download these because they can really add on to the original Skript)
Skript (
SkQuery-Lime (
SkUtilities (
SkRayFall (
Skellet (
MundoSK (

1. Download this .sk file
2. Drag it to your server file: Server/plugins/Skript/scripts
3. Reload/restart your server!

Support me/Questions:

Discord Support:
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