Addon SkEmail 2.0

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*Too boring to write a release note, checkout the github*
Patch note
  • Fix syntax conflict with name expression of Skript

A lot of you told me there are some error messages with 1.6 and some issues. Here is a release (probably the latest, I hope) with fix.

Patch note:


  • SkEmail is now available only on Github
  • Fix error message for nothing

This version of SkEmail does not contain much of a major features, but it should be noted that it contains many improvements that can potentially improve your code.

Patch note

  • Effects Async: each effects are now async!
  • Size reduced: the size of SkEmail has been reduced a lot!
  • Auto update source code: using Bitbucket pipelines, all changes on the Bitbucket repository will be available on this repository too!

I am happy to finally introduce SkEmail version 1.5. This version has many changes, especially in the source code. I wanted to get as close as possible to the javamail API (which was not the case in the beginning).
In this version, you will have events (finally!), syntax updates and the redesign of many features.

Patch Note

  • Added [e]mail (sent|transport) event
  • Added [e]mail connect(ed|ion) event
  • Added [e]mail disconnect(ed|ion) event

  • Added (logout|disconnect) %string% [from [all] connected [e]mail effect
  • Rework send email effect: send %email% [to %-string%] [(using|with) (%-session%|%-string%)]

  • Added [the] last[ly] [e]mail (sent|transported) expression
  • Added %string% as %recipienttype% expression (like "[email protected]" as bcc)
  • Added sent date of email and email's sent date expressions (property expression)
  • Added [new] <\w+> (service|session) expression (like new gmail service)
  • Deleted all services expressions (like gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc...)

  • Rework email creation scope: (make|do|create) [new] [e]mail [(using|with|for) [account] (%-session%|%-string%)]
  • Deleted services' scope

  • Added iaddress type
  • Added email type
  • Added internetaddress type
  • Added session type
  • Added address type
  • Added folder type
  • Added recipienttype type

  • A command is now available with SkEmail. Make /skemail help to see more.
  • Metrcis for stats have been added.
  • To add a custom mail service or edit a current service, a file named services.yml is available in plugins/SkEmail/services directoy. Just take one of all existing service and make the same.
  • Fix new line expression (replace new line with <br>)
  • Fix emails to UTF-8 (for special chars)
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In this version, you'll see:
  • Syntax of login changed ==> account|session is now optionnal
  • A lot of new services are available (like yahoo, gmx etc...) as expression
  • Update description of the addon (last one was not good to see, seems to be better now)
  • Added expression author of %emailcreator% and %emailcreator%'s author
If you have a problem with the login effect, it provides from javax.mail. Just reload your server to make login changes.
Heya, everyone!
I have the honour to present you the 1.3 version of SkEmail! In this version, many syntaxes have changed such as the login system, the mail service creation system etc.... I therefore invite you to check your code according to the new syntaxes:

Many errors can appear with this version, don't hesitate to report them to me by creating an issue.
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I am pleased to introduce you to version 1.2 of SkEmail. Here is what this version adds:
  • The special characters and symbols work in the email and no longer return "????"
  • You can configure your own mail service in the configuration file available in plugins/SkEmail/config.json
  • You can now read the emails in your mailbox via the following syntaxes:
[the] last[ly] [%-integer%] [e]mails [(in|from) [the] [box] [(named|with name)] %-string%]
receiver[s] of %emailreader% ; %emailreader%['s] receiver[s]
body of %emailreader% ; %emailreader%'s body
(from part|author[s]) of %emailreader% ; %emailreader%['s] (author[s]|from part)
(title|subject|object)[s] of %emailreader% ; %emailreader%'s (title|subject|object)[s]

A lot of syntaxes changed too, so check syntaxes on skripthub or skunity doc.
This is version 1.1 of SkEmail. This is a version that adds:
  • many additional messaging services
  • the possibility to add several recipients as well as several files to attach.
  • the possibility of using html
  • many more precise errors
  • some fixed bugs
  • a cleaner code
  • the beginning of version 1.2
Report me all bug you find in Issues please

Infos here: