Addon skDragon [EMOTES] [PARTICLES] 0.16

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The best addon ever created! It's flawless! It is my recommendation to use this for particles and cosmetics!
I hope u still update this is addons
thank you Sashie
good !!
Can i make particles with variable
ex. set {_Var} to redstone, rgb 0, 0, 0
Its helps me alot , many of nice features they can help me in skript.
Awesome recourse, you can do allot with it but i don't see mutch published skripts using these AWESOME partical effects which is bad :( .
maybe you could make one?
Great but there is way to show a particle only for one player?
yes there is ;)
Must have addon after using it a while, particles add character to servers and this addon does it in style :) also butterfly wings
Perfect. Has everything I need for particles, thanks!
Hello !
Excellent addon !

But I have a question:
It's possible to check a collision between particles and players ?

Sorry for my english, I'm french ^^
not in its current state, sorry
Nice addon, works like a charm, just waiting for an update with the new 1.11 particles ;)
^.^ sry for the wait
Awesome addon.
but ,plz update to 1.11.x ...

Thank you.
it technically does i just don't think the latest particles are available in that version