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Addon SkCoAPI [Pre-release] 0.3.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.15
  2. 1.16
  3. 1.17
  4. 1.18
  5. 1.19
  6. 1.20


SkCoAPI is an adapter of CoreProtect API for Skript.
You can utilize CoreProtect API through Skript syntax with this addon.

Note: Currently this addon is in the development stage.
Using a developing addon has a risk of causing data corruption.

Requirements and Supported Versions​

Java 11 and above
Spigot / Paper 1.15 and above
Skript 2.6.4
CoreProtect 22.1

Source & Usage​

Example: Get the last 24 hours of block data for endermans excluding grass and dirt blocks.
set {_exclude::*} to grass and dirt
lookup action logs in 24 hours for "##enderman" except on {_exclude::*}:
    set {_lookup::*} to results
loop {_lookup::*}:
    set {_action} to action of loop-value
    set {_type} to block type of loop-value
    set {_age} to difference between now and date of loop-value
    # ...

The source and issue tracker are on GitHub.
Docs: Skript Hub, skUnity Docs
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Latest updates

  1. 0.3.0 Pre-release

    View the changelog on GitHub.
  2. v0.2.0 Pre-release

    View the changelog on GitHub.