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  1. Take-John

    Addon SkCoAPI [Pre-release] 0.3.0

    Overview SkCoAPI is an adapter of CoreProtect API for Skript. You can utilize CoreProtect API through Skript syntax with this addon. Note: Currently this addon is in the development stage. Using a developing addon has a risk of causing data corruption. Requirements and Supported Versions...
  2. L0v0lup

    Needing Help with Sk-Reflect / CoreProtect API

    Hi, i am not overly experienced with Sk-Reflect and need some help with the CoreProtect API. What i am trying to do: Check if a block is natural or not / if it has been placed by a player. import: org.bukkit.Bukkit net.coreprotect.CoreProtect net.coreprotect.CoreProtectAPI...