Addon Sk-Perm 2.3.0

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  • Added a whitelist expression to add/remove players from whitelist, get whitelisted players, turn whitelist on/off
  • Added a condition to see if a player is whitelisted
  • Added a condition to see if the server is whitelisted
  • Added effect to reload the whitelist
See DOCS for syntaxes and examples.
  • Fixed the plugin not recognizing PEX on load
  • Fixed "group of player" condition not working
Support for UltraPermissions has arrived!

  • Added UltraPermissions to the API, will work with the regular "PermPlugins" syntaxes
  • Added a player prefix/suffix expression which has offline player support
  • Tidied up the main class
It has finally arrived. LuckPerms support is here

  • Most syntaxes now support LuckPerms (With the exception of group rank, as that does not exist in LuckPerms)
  • Group Prefix/Suffix expression. You can now get/set the group prefix/suffix. (World support as well)
Big re-write to include a new Permission Plugin API
This won't affect Skripters much, It just allows me to add more permission plugins in the future, without mucking around with a crap ton of new syntaxes.
Most patterns have not changed.

If you are experiencing issues with a pattern that may not be recognized, please see the docs for updates
Docs on SkriptHub
Over the next little while, I would like to add support for different permission plugins. Since each plugin has different APIs and features, they will all be slightly different syntaxes.
Today we start with PEX. Why did I start with PEX you ask? Well, because I know the plugin very well. Even though it's outdated and no longer maintained, it works very well. I would like to support LuckPerms next.

  • Groups [Effect] - You can now create and delete groups with an optional syntax for parents (Inherited groups)
  • Config Reload [Effect] - Often times when changing things in PEX the config needs to be reloaded for them to take effect, so I have added a reload effect.
  • Group Weight [Expression] - You can get/set the weight of a group
  • Group Rank [Expression] - You can get/set the rank of a group
  • Perm of Group [Expression] - You can get all the permissions of a group. You can also add/remove permissions to/from a group (Optional world support)
  • Perm of Player [Expression] - You can get all the permissions of a player, even if they are offline. You can also add/remove permissions to/from a player, supports offline as well. (Optional world support)
That is it for PEX right now but I do plan on trying to add more to PEX.
As usual docs can be found HERE
- When using %world%, the world was showing up wrong. My bad!