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Script PotPVP Essentials ---ANTICHEAT--- ON SALE! 1.4.2

Essential things you NEED for your Practice/PotPVP server!

  1. efsmert
    efsmert, IHaxMC, Reego
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7, 1.8
    -=-PotPVP Essentials-=-
    Essential things that any PracticePVP/PotPVP server needs!

        • Anti-Swear Filter

        • Auto-Potion Dropping

        • Player-Report Feature with report logging (date included)

        • Anticheat (reach-ping compensation, noslow, flight-4 checks, sneak, speed-soon)
        • Easy Report Log reading
        • Easy Enable/Disable of checks with commands
        • Force Main Spawn location on join
        • Better Compatibility with the duels Addon (coming later)
        • Lot's of updates, never going obsolete!
        • Staff report notifications!


        • potpvp.admin:
        • /setmainspawn (forces the spawn location of players)
        • /potpvp <Enable/Disable> <Debug/Reach/KillAura/Speed/Flight/NoSlow>
        • potpvp.staff:
        • (Gets swear alerts)
        • (Gets Anticheat Alerts)
        • (Gets Report alerts)
        • potpvp.bypass
        • (Bypasses swear filter)
        • (Bypasses Anticheat Checks)
        • **Normal Players**:
        • /report <player> <reason>
        • /AutoFix (fixes errors aitomatically without admin attention)

        • Skript 2.1.2 or higher
        • SkQuery 3
        • SkRayfall
        • WildSkript
        • Skellett


    1. PotPVP Essentials.png

Recent Updates

  1. Another hotfix!
  2. Hotfix
  3. New commands!