PotPVP Essentials ---ANTICHEAT--- ON SALE!

Script PotPVP Essentials ---ANTICHEAT--- ON SALE! 1.4.2

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New Member
Dec 26, 2017
efsmert submitted a new resource:

PotPVP Essentials - Essential things you NEED for your Practice/PotPVP server!

-=-PotPVP Essentials-=-
Essential things that any PracticePVP/PotPVP server needs!
  • Anti-Swear Filter

  • Auto-Potion Dropping

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efsmert updated PotPVP Essentials with a new update entry:

Added Staff Report notification - Auto Error Correction

Players with the "potpvp.staff" will now be notified when a player gets reported as well as the time the report took place! New command, "/autofix" fixes problems that your installation of PotPVP Essentials may have, Please dm me if there are problems with the Auto Error Correction so I can improve it. I have begun work on fixing errors within the KillAura Check and I'm working on the Reach and Flight check as we speak!

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