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Script PerWorldInventory 1.0

Allows player's to have different inventories per world with the addition of linking worlds.

  1. MPGxxYT
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9
    Per World Inventory
    by Mortality

    This skript allows every player in every world to have its own inventory. But it also allows you to link worlds to have the same inventory. Everything in this skript is done with a GUI. No need to open up skript and rummage through.


    InvF - Functions for saving/loading inventories.
    Skellet - Used for GUIs.

    /pwi - Opens a per-world inventory GUI.
    /pwItem - Sets the items that represent the worlds.


    - When the command is run, it'll use all the items in your inventory to represent worlds for the GUI.


    - When the command is run, it'll open a GUI with a list of all your worlds.


    - Click the world you would to starting linking.

    - Click the worlds you want it to link with. You can pick multiple linked worlds.
    - Click done to finalize or click cancel to cancel it.

    If you are having issues, please don't tell me in a review. Just tell me via discord. My dm's are always open.