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Script PermissionSK 1.3.1

Manage your selfmade Permission!

  1. Chat System added!

    Hey. Im happy to work contiue on PermissionSK.

    So. i added 4 new commands. Maybe look this commands wired. because i have no any idea how should called the commands.

    so, the new commands called:

    /psk gpset <group> <text>, Create a Prefix for group. *G = Group P = Prefix
    /psk gsset <group> <text>, Create a Suffix for group. *G = Group s = Suffix
    /psk ppset <player> <text>, create a prefix for Player *P = Player P = Prefix
    /psk psset <player> <text>, Create a suffix for player *P = Player S = Suffix

    Im currently working contiue on GUI, Who makes very easylier for you to create a Group, Change prefix/Suffix, Adding a new Permission and a lot stuff...
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