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Script PermissionSK 1.3.1

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Jan 26, 2017
ChisleLP submitted a new resource:

PermissionSK - Manage your selfmade Permission!

You don't like PermissionEX/Groupmanager?

You wanna own PermissionSK? No problem.

Here you got it!

Manage your permission with skript. Use one API to check if player got permission! VERY EASY!

How check if player has permission?:
if haspermission(player, "Mod.Helper") is true:

Just reamain. The Permission will only working for Skript. Other Plugins example Essentials won't work with it!


* Maybe add Group? (Like...

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ChisleLP updated PermissionSK with a new update entry:

Groups Added

I have added now with a Group system. so you don't need put every Player permission.

How? Just add permission to group with following commands:
/psk gadd Owner Manage.Permission

and set now the player to Group with following commands:
/psk set ChisleLP Owner

If you want make player as default. just set empty text there like this
/psk set ChisleLP

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ChisleLP updated PermissionSK with a new update entry:

Group Checks and one more

I added now one more API, check if player is in a Group, I made it, because of Request. @PuchiGFX (Chat manager coming soon)

And i added in "/psk list ChisleLP" if player is in group, will it displayed.

View attachment 921

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[doublepost=1499503205,1499502847][/doublepost]Oh. didn't see that someone posted here. Sorry.

i like it

Thanks you. :emoji_slight_smile:

Can't use "on command" to make this perms works with other plugins?

Good idea. but doesn't work.... i have try it out. This works only if you got OP.
ChisleLP updated PermissionSK with a new update entry:

Chat System added!

Hey. Im happy to work contiue on PermissionSK.

So. i added 4 new commands. Maybe look this commands wired. because i have no any idea how should called the commands.

so, the new commands called:

/psk gpset <group> <text>, Create a Prefix for group. *G = Group P = Prefix
/psk gsset <group> <text>, Create a Suffix for group. *G = Group s = Suffix
/psk ppset <player> <text>, create a prefix for Player *P = Player P = Prefix
/psk psset <player> <text>,...

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ChisleLP updated PermissionSK with a new update entry:

Now GUI aviable, Very easy to see and Manage.

Hey, im happy. and im think i reach the 100% of PermissionSK. The GUI is now too aviable. If i still some missing, please MSG or Write in disusicon!

Thanks you much for using my Resource.

Btw, im sorry, i need to Upload Zip file, Because if i place into 1 File, Its coming evertime error output. Somethings is wrong with Function. So i need split it up.

How to use GUI? Just enable the GUI with

/psk GUI

Then open GUI with


I will update maybe soon Video

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