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Script MyPet GUI/Menu & Command Tool V2.1

Add a GUI/Menu for MyPet commands, and an optional tool to also execute the commands.

  1. Bug fixes

    • The skript will check if player has full inventory before giving them MyPet Command Tool.
    • You can now customize the command which opens the MyPet GUI/Menu
    • You can choose what happens if player inventory is full in options. It can drop the tool under the player or send a message that their inventory is full and can't receive the item.
  2. Complete Rewrite and New Features


    • Got rid of Tuske's dependency, now you only need Skript and MyPet.
    New Features:

    • Added a tool to the menu which the player can claim to execute some MyPet commands:
      • It has 3 hours cool down to claim by default (can be changed in options).
      • Player can click on it to execute some set mypet commands (it will display the...