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I have added all the commands that are in the skript to the /luur help menu
you can also click the command and it will be sent to your chat so you can execute it. Aswell as fixing the help menu I have removed the /clearluurshit command as it is pointless as the /luur whitelist clear now works correctly.

I'm still working on the custom api with my friend we're getting closer and closer we're both just very busy with our year at school as it gets harder as we go on, thank you guys for understanding!

Thanks, Fish :emoji_grinning: <3
I had to update Luur as Proxy Mind Media is no longer up and has been turned off. For future updates I am working on a custom API so that you guys won't have to rely on getting 2 API keys to use Luur.
Added a few new commands:

  • /luur whitelist add <ip> - Adds the specified IP to the whitelist
  • /luur whitelist remove <ip> - Removes the specified IP from the whitelist
  • /luur whitelist clear - Clears the whole list of IPs that are whitelisted
  • /luur whitelist - Displays all the IPs that have been whitelisted and the times (server time) they were whitelisted at.
Permission node for all of the Luur related commands is luur.admin