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Vampire_Artyom (Russian Translation)
Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.8
  2. 1.12
Luur VPN Checker
Luur VPN Checker is a skript that allows server owners & staff to block users that use VPNs & Proxies.

Why Luur?
I have been browsing all the four corners of the internet (no I am not a flat earther), to see if anyone has made an up to date VPN checker for skript because I wanted to use one for my server, and I realised that the last one that was ever updated to any kind of degree was back in 2018 so I decided to release this to the skript communty.

Credits to @paulmertens for the diagrams

Link to the 2018 AntiVPN Skript

How does Luur work?
Luur uses an external API called proxycheck.io to query the IP the user is joining with and it responds with a lot of information on the ip address. If it reponds with a VPN for the type of IP it is it will log and kick the user
and do it for all of the proxy types such as OpenVPN, SOCKS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, TOR, Shadowsocks, HTTP, HTTPS, Compromised Server, VPN, or Inference Engine. However if the IP bypasses these checks another API is used to check it just incase.


Credits to @paulmertens for the diagrams

In the newest update, Luur blocks 40 VPNs.

Block List

- NordVPN (As of 12/04/19 2:42pm)
- HMA Pro VPN (HideMyAss) (As of 12/04/19 3:42pm)
- Windscribe VPN (As of 18/04/19 4:32pm)
- Proton VPN (As of 18/04/19 6:42pm)
- PrivateTunnel (As of 18/04/19 8:16pm) (As of 21/04/19 3:05am)
- CyberGhost (As of 19/04/19 6:10pm)
- HotSpotShield (As of 19/04/19 6:15pm)
- Speedify (As of 21/04/19 3:44pm)
- TunnelBear (As of 28/04/2019 9:50pm)
- VyprVPN (As of 30/04/2019 9:53pm)
- Private Internet Access VPN (As of 01/05/2019 4:00am)
- BetterNet VPN (As of 06/05/2019 12:13am)
- VPNUnlimited (As of 11/05/2019 1:34am)
- Hide.me (As of 11/05/2019 1:34am)
- ExpressVPN (As of 11/05/2019 1:34am)
- ShadowsocksR (As of 11/05/2019 1:35am)

- SoftEther (As of 19/05/2019 6:50pm)
- IvacyVPN (As of 26/05/2019 1:30am)
- SmartVPN (As of 26/05/2019 1:32am)
- SurfShark (As of 26/05/2019 1:45am)
- ibVPN (As of 26/05/2019 1:50am)
- WANSecurity (As of 26/05/2019 1:53am)
- ZenMate (As of 26/05/2019 1:55am)
- TorGuard (As of 26/05/2019 1:58am)
- VPNUnlimited (As of 26/05/2019 2:09am)
- FastestVPN (As of 26/05/2019 2:11am)
- Mullvad (As of 26/05/2019 2:15am)
- AirVPN (As of 26/05/2019 2:17am)
- LiquidVPN (As of 26/05/2019 2:22am)
- SlickVPN (As of 26/05/209 2:24am)
- AceVPN (As of 26/05/2019 2:31am)
- AstrillVPN (As of 26/05/2019 2:35am)
- BlackVPN (As of 26/05/2019 2:38am)
- BoxPN VPN (As of 26/05/2019 2:39am)
- VPNBook (As of 26/05/2019 2:42am)
- Ipredator (As of 26/05/2019 2:47am)
- IVPN (As of 26/05/2019 2:48am)
- SafeVPN (As of 26/05/2019 2:53am)
- SwitchVPN (As of 26/05/2019 2:55am)
- wowvpn (As of 26/05/2019 2:56am)


I will be testing more VPN & Proxy software in the future to improve this skript even more, but for that to happen I need people with VPN & Proxy software willing to help me develop this skript.


Skript [v2.2-dev25+] (For the skript's functionality)
SkQuery [v3.2.1+] (For the skript's functionality)
SkriptJSON [1.0.0+] (To pick out key parts of the API response)
json.sk [2.3+] (Required for the cool messages in /luur help) (In version v0.5)

Stats for the nerds

The first check blocks NordVPN with 96% accuracy and the second check covers the other 4% so in total NordVPN is 100% detectable. (Data is from 49 seperate tests)

Now blocking over 74.3million unique IP addresses and 40 VPNs

This following screenshot shows what it looks like from the console when a player using a VPN/Proxy tries to log in.

This is what it looks like from the users perspective

This is what it looks like from the staff perspective

If you have any issues with this skript you know where to contact me :emoji_wink:
Join the discord for frequent updates and to post suggestions :emoji_grinning:

Servers Using Luur

southhollow.us (Owned by @TheOnlineWorld)
hyperus.net (Owned by @paulmertens)
mc.limework.net (Owned by @Govindas & @Vampire_Artyom)

Tested Versions

1.8 (Tested by @IllumaintFish)
1.12 (Tested by @Govindas)

(All translated version are on my support discord so don't forget to join a download it if you need it another language!)


600+ downloads you guys are crazy lol
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First release
Last update
4.75 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Added all commands to the help menu and remove redundant pieces of code

    I have added all the commands that are in the skript to the /luur help menu you can also click...
  2. Removed old API (proxy mind media)

    I had to update Luur as Proxy Mind Media is no longer up and has been turned off. For future...
  3. Quick patch to fix a bug

    Sorry about that folks :D

Latest reviews

Good antivpn but... you can just use IPQualityScore and not proxy checker API :)
Thank you for the review I guess lol
This script is really good and original unlike other scripts. It does it job well 80% of the time. I can't believe there's only one rating on this.
I'm happy to here that you're enjoying the skript, if you have issues with the skripts accuracy you can always contact me in my discord :p
Excellent resource! Amazing skript, nice and friendly developer.
Thanks for the 5 stars Tony, really appreciate it :D