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Script LockIT 2.4.0

Skript replacement for the Lockette plugin

  1. Small Updates

    Just a couple small updates.
    1. Added protection from placing hoppers under double chests. Prior versions did not check for double chests and allowed hoppers to be placed on the side without the LockIT sign.
    2. Now prevents placing rails under chests. There is still a chance minecarts with hoppers can continue off the track leading up to the chest and land under it.
  2. The List

    After numerous trials and errors, I was able to add a protected items list in the config.yml so you can add any block you want without hard coding it. This removed close to 200 lines of repetitive code! I also cut back on error messages from the messages.yml to "chests" and "other", instead of one for each item. There are just too many items now to keep up. The list below is all the blocks added by default. As always, be sure to delete your old config when updating to this release. If you...
  3. Added support for some 1.14 blocks

    The blocks below can now be protected using LockIT
    1. Smithing Table
    2. Grindstone
    3. Stonecutter
    Further updates may include other blocks being added. If I missed any important ones, let me know and I'll add them.
  4. Removed outdated addons | Works on 1.14+

    This has been updated since October 2018. I forgot about it and figured I would update the resource.

    Completely removed all old traces of WildSkript and SkQuery. All YAML handling is done through skUtilities. Only requires Skript, skript-mirror, and skUtilities.
  5. UUID Support and Small Updates

    1. Added UUID support back in.
    2. Added anvils, fence gates, and enchantment tables to fastlock
    3. Placement of hoppers below a protected container are now cancelled to prevent theft.
  6. 1.13.1 Support

    Updated to support 1.13.1! Only needed a couple lines changed but there may be bugs. I don't really foresee any, just an FYI in case. Be sure to delete your config.yml.

    You will need script-mirror v1.19.1
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  7. Patch Fix

    Small fix - If the player wanted to remove a friend or "everyone" from line 3, they would use "/lockit 3" and leave arg 2 blank. I forgot to add a check for that so it would add " " to the specified line to clear what was previously there.
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  8. All the Changes

    New Update! The code has been changed to support and now require skript-mirror. It seems much smoother and faster than the previous version. Players with lockit.admin permission can edit other player's signs, but to open or break containers, doors or signs, they will need the lockit.admin.bypass permission. This should give a little diversity to lower/higher ranked staff....
  9. Code Changes

    Removed depreciated code from Wildskript and changed to skUtilities.