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Script LockIT 2.4.0

Skript replacement for the Lockette plugin

  1. The List

    After numerous trials and errors, I was able to add a protected items list in the config.yml so you can add any block you want without hard coding it. This removed close to 200 lines of repetitive code! I also cut back on error messages from the messages.yml to "chests" and "other", instead of one for each item. There are just too many items now to keep up. The list below is all the blocks added by default. As always, be sure to delete your old config when updating to this release. If you have any issues, please submit it in the issue tracker.

    - chest
    - trapped chest
    - grindstone
    - smithing table
    - stonecutter
    - barrel
    - oak door
    - dark oak door
    - birch door
    - jungle door
    - spruce door
    - acacia door
    - oak trapdoor
    - dark oak trapdoor
    - jungle trapdoor
    - spruce trapdoor
    - birch trapdoor
    - acacia trapdoor
    - oak fence gate
    - dark oak fence gate
    - birch fence gate
    - jungle fence gate
    - acacia fence gate
    - spruce fence gate
    - crafting table
    - furnace
    - enchantment table
    - anvil
    - dispenser
    - dropper
    - lectern
    - observer
    - note block
    - unlit furnace
    - lit furnace
    - ender chest
    - shulker box
    - white shulker box
    - orange shulker box
    - magenta shulker box
    - light blue shulker box
    - yellow shulker box
    - light green shulker box
    - pink shulker box
    - gray shulker box
    - light gray shulker box
    - cyan shulker box
    - purple shulker box
    - blue shulker box
    - brown shulker box
    - green shulker box
    - red shulker box
    - black shulker box
    - loom
    - smoker
    - unlit blast furnace
    - lit blast furnace
    - cartography table
    - fletching table
    - cauldron
    - brewing stand
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