Lobby Parkour

Script Lobby Parkour 2021-02-12

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.16
Lobby Parkour

This skript will enable you to make an extremely simple, but effective parkour for your lobby, saving the player's highscore in a yaml file and blacklisting certain blocks that the player shouldn't be able to walk on while the parkour is active.

When stepping on a stone pressure plate, starting the parkour, your player will receive a barrier in a desired slot, from which he can stop the parkour, and get teleported back to spawn - or use any other command-- it's up to you :emoji_slight_smile:

Stepping on an iron pressure plate will end the parkour.


- Displays timer in action bar slot
- Fail/end messages in action bar
- Messages for everything
- Saving and checking for highscore
- Blacklisting certain blocks, which will end the parkour

Essentials(or any other /spawn resource)

Additional information:
You can use this skript exactly how you want - no need for credit. Couldn't find a decent skript with this function, so I decided to make one myself.

Only use this for lobbies - it uses the movement event, and other loops that might cause lag on your server!
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