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Script kRankUP 1.0.3

The best rankup script ever

  1. SUPER UPDATE | Semi-final version

    • First stable version of kRankUP
    • NBT Support for each rank
    • Execute commands per rank
    • Rank CHAT (One chat for each rank)
    • Full GUI skript
    • Design of the GUIs are better
    • Now you can make coloured rank prefix and name

    • TuSKe
    • SkQuery
    • SkStuff
    • SkUtilities

    • /rankup
    • /ranks
    • /rc (rank chat)...
  2. kRankUP | Super Update with new features!

    • Now you can see the rank list in a GUI (Supports infinite ranks)
    • New commands for admins and code it´s more optimized
    • Fixed some bugs

    • /rankup
    • /ranks
    • /krankup reload
    • /krankup resetall
    • NEW /krankup...